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Chelsea Okoroh

Chief of Staff

  • I love to write spoken word in my free time.

  • I am a growing paid speaker who advocates for mental health and teaches others how to champion challenges.

  • I want to be the President of the United States one day.

Jasmyne Moore

Senior Data Manager

  • I opened Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Orlando.

  • I still have not met Stacey Abrams, even though I've done 3 cycles in Georgia.

  • I love "as seen on tv" products. Every Single One.

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Jack Lofgren

Senior Impact Manager

  • I have raised over 85 million in campaign funds

  • I have ran multiple ultramarathons

  • I love ice coffees

Christina Walton 

Senior Project Manager

  • Had my own band that played gigs over 4 years. 

  • Hiked along the Appalachian twice

  • Director capacity in a couple of million to multi-million dollar political campaigns. 

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Arsene Mutagoma

Communications Manager

  • Arsene Mutagoma is a creative and passionate Rwandan artist

  • Owner of the brand "Smile"

  • Passionate amateur cook 

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Roan Ottey

Sales Repersenatitive 

  • I love watching  football 

  • I have a shoe collection 

  • I'm an adventurous dad, who loves to cook 

Alia Parker

Senior Development Manager

  • Loving cat mom

  • Sports super fan (basketball and football specifically)

  • Professional Netflix binge watcher                 

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Atuwatse Okorodudu

  • I used to play basketball and soccer.

  • I am good at ping pong.

  • I have traveled to 9 countries in the last year. ​​

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Mishael Etuaful


  • Mishael played saxophone 

  • Mishael enjoys partaking in sports such as basketball, and cross-country.

  • Previously Mishael worked as an ad specialist and SEO intern.


Gabynelle-Pride Kwekam


  • I was born in Cameroon

  • I've re-read the entire Harry Potter series over 4 times

  • I'm allergic to lash extensions

Khalil Thompson

Khalil Thompson founded Strategies for Change Group in 2013. Before founding his firm, Thompson started his career on Capitol Hill working with Senator Ted Kennedy on the Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee (H.E.L.P.) Soon after, Thompson moved to Chicago to work for then-Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. 


Thompson’s work with campaigns and partnership ranges from municipal to county to state legislative to statewide to congressional and senatorial engagement; while also working with labor unions on member engagement. 

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