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Where Advice Meets Action 

Strategies for Change Group (SFCG) came into existence with a profound purpose – to drive transformative change through strategic consultancy and direct marketing. Since our inception in 2013, our journey has been defined by a commitment to our core values, shaping us into a dynamic force in the realm of positive transformation.  


Guided by the values of Growth, Advocacy, and Outreach, we have become a bridge between dreams and reality. As trusted consultants, we work alongside diverse partners, dedicated to solving community challenges and optimizing outreach strategies. Proficiencies encompassing business-to-business engagement, phone banking programs, peer-to-peer texting, door knocking and canvassing initiatives, as well as meticulous organizational oversight, epitomize our multidimensional expertise. These competencies interweave seamlessly with our skills in media delivery, fundraising and development, and navigating government affairs.  

Our portfolio, now comprising over ninety-seven campaigns across nonprofit, for-profit, and government domains, reflects a journey of growth and evolution. As a minority-owned and operated team, we infuse our efforts with fresh perspectives, crafting strategies that spark profound change.  

With each endeavor, we reinforce our ability to translate ideas into action, achieving tangible results. United by a shared commitment to transformative change and guided by our profound understanding of the issues at hand, Strategies for Change Group redefines the landscape of positive transformation. Our journey stands as an enduring testament to the power of consultation, strategy, and action harmoniously combined. 

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Why We Do It-- A Dream Realized

Founder and CEO, Khalil Thompson, is a visionary and servant leader. Strategies For Change Group is a testament to his unwavering dedication, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his vision for bringing positive change to his community. Khalil's story begins with a realization, one that emerged after the 2008 campaign. He recognized a vacuum in African American representation in political work and advocacy against racism. This realization became the foundation for Strategies. Khalil's initial inspiration was rooted in the idea of hitting the road, living out of a suitcase, and working on campaigns. However, this notion evolved as he gained experience and insight.    

After working in the DC government and the 2012 campaign, Khalil's aspirations transformed. He envisioned creating a space where African American individuals could not only engage in advocacy work but also rise within a company that they could call their own. The key was to build a minority-owned firm that hired and empowered African American talents to lead meaningful campaigns.   

The journey officially began in 2013, with Kayla Daniels becoming the first intern. Khalil's startup space was his studio apartment, where makeshift desks and tables served as workstations. The team embarked on their journey, even recruiting individuals from Starbucks and cozy cafes who shared their vision. The early years were marked by various campaigns, including supporting Anthony Brown's bid for Governor of Maryland. The team was driven by a deep commitment to their community and the desire to create an impactful presence.   

Khalil's personal background played a significant role in shaping his passion for entrepreneurship. Growing up, his father ran a small Pediatric Dentistry practice, instilling in Khalil a strong sense of self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial spirit. This background fueled Khalil's desire to create something of his own, to have an impact on his terms, without relying on external forces.   

As Strategies expanded its reach, Khalil encountered both challenges and triumphs. He recognized the need to train and equip individuals in the community with organizing skills. He saw the potential to empower people, particularly those who might not initially realize the impact they could have. Strategies became a hub for education, mobilization, and community engagement, giving people the tools to effect change.   

Corporate consulting was a natural progression for Strategies. Khalil recognized the transferable skills from political consulting and saw the potential to apply them in the corporate realm. His aim was to create a structure that would allow Strategies to grow beyond him, becoming a beacon of empowerment and change that could thrive even in his absence.   

Khalil's resilience and determination have been critical to Strategies' success. He navigated the challenges of team dynamics and client relationships, embracing lessons and growth at every turn. Even in the face of doubt, Khalil held onto faith and preparation. Strategies continued to evolve, adapting to the ever-changing political and social landscape, and standing as a shining example of what a determined group of individuals can achieve.    

Khalil summarized his journey succinctly: "We're trying to create a space where we train our own, build up our own, and give people the tools so that when they want to go out and work on a campaign, they don't have to start from scratch. They can say, 'Strategies gave it to us. We're good to go.'" The driving force behind Strategies is to empower people with the skills and knowledge they need to make a difference, whether it's in the realm of politics or corporate endeavors.   

Today, Strategies emerges as a trailblazing entity that doesn't just focus on its own growth but on cultivating leaders and agents of change. Khalil's journey reflects a dedication to creating a lasting impact, a legacy that empowers individuals to stand up, organize, and bring about positive transformation in their communities.   


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