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Welcome to Strategies for Change Group – a marketing consultancy firm and the driving force behind transformation in your initiatives. Since 2013, we've combined insightful advice with meaningful involvement to effect real change in local and national communities. 


At our core, collaboration is key; we bridge aspirations to reality through our eight foundational services. Our expertise spans business-to-business engagement, phone banking programs, peer-to-peer texting, canvassing initiatives, and meticulous organizational oversight. These competencies seamlessly intertwine with our skills in media delivery, fundraising and development, and government affairs. 


With a rich portfolio boasting over ninety-seven campaigns across nonprofit, for-profit, and government domains, we thrive in high-pressure environments. Our approach centers around results, driven by performance, professionalism, and a deep understanding of the issues we tackle.

At Our Core

Diversity Profile

Strategies for Change Group is proudly minority-owned and operated, with a strong commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. The largest demographic representation within the group consists of Black/African American individuals, reflecting a dedication to fostering diversity in all aspects of our operations. In addition to our ethnic diversity, our team members also bring a rich tapestry of languages, including proficiency in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Wolof, Idoma, Yoruba, Twi, and more. We believe in the strength of diverse perspectives and are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment within our organization. ​

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