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The Gastonia Honey Hunters are a minor league baseball team in need of some direct marketing assistance. After building a brand-new stadium, many people in the community of Gastonia County, NC were unaware of the team’s presence despite their digital and social media efforts


Strategies for Change Group designed a plan to engage with the residents of Gastonia County, NC right at their doorstep. While major metropolitan areas are receiving advertisements via social media platforms and influencers, smaller and more rural communities are still most effectively reached through door knocking and literature drops. 

The project plan included dispatching canvassers into Gastonia County to survey residents on their knowledge and interest in the local baseball team. Our canvassing team was also tasked with leaving graphic calendars of the team’s season schedule at residents’ doors. Our efforts are projected to have a 20-25% return on the attempted doors knocked for a potential survey universe of 15,000 respondents for the team in their community. 

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